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About us
Special offers
GRUP EST SECURITY offers a full range of services in security.SECURING THE UNSECURED
"SECURING THE UNSECURED" is our mission and 100% is the target that we have set for GES turn into a brand.
Benefits offered by GES are found in the following services: design and installation of video systems, burglar and fire alarms, security objectives, goods and valules, transport of goods and values​​, bodyguards, consulting, monitoring and rapid intervention, training, access control, intercoms, video intercoms, door and gate automation, car alarms, including GPS.
Over the years our work has developed continuously because the products and services available to customers were customized.
Do not know the term: GENERAL OFFER. We can offer only services that optimize them together.
All our partners are treated as "the most important customers", their needs for security are our main concern. This issue is supported by the history of our partnerships.

GRUP EST SECURITY – Services presentation

On a national level, Grup Est Security is conducting professional activities in the following directions:
•    integrated security services;
•    technical services and security IT;
•    value transportation services.
Grup Est Security is the main security company in the historical region of Moldavia having more than 18 years of activity in the field and activities throughout the country. The company has branches on a national level and local management in 20 counties. The quality of the services provided is secured by the management representatives as well as internal audit structures which continuously monitor every type of activities, at every level.
Grup Est Security has the operation license no. 0332/P/2005 issued by I.G.P.-D.P.O.P., to supply: objectives, goods and values security services and specific consultancy; bodyguard services and specific consultancy. It also has the operation license no. 1440/T/2005 for design, installation and maintenance of anti-intrusion alarm components or systems.

GRUP EST SECURITY – Historical Region of Moldavia Overview

Grup Est Security currently has a staff of over 1900, distributed throughout the region. They are psychologically tested, certified and trained by the Group. The security staff is equipped with uniforms bearing the companies insignia, and equipped with individual self-defense means and/or weapons where needed according to the Security Plan dispositions.
Our company has a central dispatcher in Piatra Neamt and several other are dispatchers in the main cities. The area dispatchers are connected to the objectives and the central dispatcher via a network of fixed and mobile telephony and Internet network.
Grup Est Security has a professional liability insurance policy in the amount of EUR 45,000 per event.
The company has implemented specific procedures for the assessment of potential clients security needs. Based on this evaluation a specific security services and solutions offer is made.

GRUP EST SECURITY – National Organization

In Bucuresti was currently approved a National Dispatcher, a first among the private security companies, that combine the dispatching component with the ERP and intelligent control of the ways of message sending to insure a redundancy of the data transmission both the same node of dispatching and an alternative monitoring node. The ERP component will allow data management both at LAN and WAN level.
The messages will be directed to the regional dispatcher assigned to the geographic area where the alarm station is installed via 2 ways of communication: telephony and GPRS. In the event that the regional dispatcher has a communication issue, the messages are diverted to the national dispatcher.
The database management module will synchronize the databases installed in the regional dispatchers with the database installed in the national dispatcher.
Through this concept, the electronic surveillance systems installed at the customers’ objectives will transmit to the National Dispatcher Grup Est Security even live footage of activities and events.
This new perspective will allow Grup Est Security to provide its customers national coverage through the development, in the following period, of regional dispatcher in Brasov, Cluj, Timisoara and Craiova.