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SECURING THE UNSECUREDGRUP EST SECURITY is the professional alternative in the security services on the Romanian market. The company has been founded in response to increased demand for diversified security needs. Our motivation is to perform up to 100% national coverage.

has been established in 1992, in Neamt county. It provides services in the goods and values security and safety area. These activities are carried out through specific forces and means, at a superior quality level and competitive prices. Currently, Grup Est Security is the regional leader in its professional services area, a position recognized by the Neamt  Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and awarded with diplomas and trophies over the years:
- in 2008 we ranked 2nd in Medium Companies category, for the results in 2007
- in 2009 we ranked 1st in Large Companies category, for the results in 2008
- in 2010 we ranked 1st in Large Companies category, for the results in 2009
In 2010 we ranked 21st on a national level in the area “Protection and guarding activities”, for the results in 2009, award that was presented by CNIPMMR.

In desire to create a strong brand on the Romanian market, the elements used were chosen just by the fact that their symbolism is a representative of our future.
Not accidentally the company logo consists of a diamond and 4 stars.
Diamond is known as the coolest human substance is crystallized carbon that has unique qualities to reflect light. Because it is composed of a single element, the diamond is the purest of gems.
The name "diamond" comes from the greek "adamas" αδάμας, "invincible", "indestructible".; The four stars are used to mark the cardinal points linear transposition. National coverage.

The moral identity of the company is built upon four pillars which characterizes past, present and future of the group. It defines the people and our work. Built by people for the people, the company made its mark deep in the security services market each year promoting new industry redefining the concept of safety.
TRADITION is the first essential value of the company, a concept rooted and solid as the rest of attributes such as safety, professionalism and integrity. The continuous recovery of the notion of security has led to the shaping of Traditions, the symbol turned into the certificate since 1992.
PROFESSIONALISM is the value of the company which emphasizes GES definition, the feature through which we re-invent ourselves. We do not conceive reactions that can not be translated by this word. We do not sell products and services we offer solutions.
We have no portfolio of clients, but business partners. We are not machines, we are professionals.
INTEGRITY is the motto of GES ethics. It defines the relationship between us and our partners, it is the essence of GRUP EST SECURITY success.
This mix of values that shape our business motivates us continuously, connects us and then transforms us,
                                                                                                   yet we still remain... yours forever,
                                                                                                          Grup Est Security Team.